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Sports Medicine

Do you cringe when you step out onto the field for your favorite sports game because you are in pain or your feet and legs are underperforming? As an athlete, it can be frustrating to be limited in your sports activities, and injuries are often the cause of these limitations.

On the field, you deserve more than just a cushion or a protective pad to minimize your pain. There are a variety of ways that sports medicine can help, and it is important that you seek the advice of a qualified podiatrist for sudden injuries as well as chronic pain or discomfort.

Risk Factors for Sports Injuries

There are two types of sports injuries: a sudden injury and chronic pain. Depending on the type of injury that you have, there might be several risk factors involved:

  • Old injuries that weakened the foot or leg
  • Heredity
  • Obesity, which causes undue pressure on the joints
  • Arthritis
  • Lack of flexibility/mobility
  • Muscle weakness

It is possible to minimize some of these risk factors, and the best solution is to work closely with a podiatrist who can assess your individual situation and make recommendations for your recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are athletes prone to foot and leg injuries?

Sudden, unnatural movements can put pressure on the joints, ligaments, and muscles in the legs and feet. You might experience an injury if you pivot too fast, twist without moving the feet, miss a landing after a jump, or rapidly change direction. Chronic injuries might occur because of repetitive motion, which puts strain and pressure on your feet and legs over time.

What are the symptoms of sports injuries?

Sports injuries show up in a variety of ways, and the symptoms vary depending on the type of injury that you experience. Some people have chronic, dull pain that hurts on and off the field. Others have an incident that happens suddenly and it causes immediate, shooting pain. Sometimes, the symptoms might be numbness or tingling instead of pain.

How do I get rid of it?

Sports medicine treatments can be beneficial for a variety of symptoms that you are experiencing. It is important that you consult with a podiatrist who can help you identify the exact diagnosis and the cause of symptoms. The good news is that many people have success with the treatment when the foot problems are caught early, so make sure to talk with a podiatrist if you suspect that you are experiencing any symptoms associated with a sports injury.

Will my foot pain go away on its own?

It’s possible that your sports injury might go away on its own, but it’s not likely… especially if you are still participating in the sport without planning time for recovery. Unfortunately, most of our patients think that the pain will just go away. The problem is that symptoms will continue progressing if they are left untreated, and delaying treatment can result in additional damage. When you experience pain or discomfort, it is a warning signal from the body to indicate that there is a problem. It’s not a good idea to wait for the pain to go away. The quicker you get in to see a qualified podiatrist, the faster you can be on your road to recovery.

What should I do now?

The first step to eliminating your pain is finding out what is causing it. Call 610-438-8899 right now, and schedule your appointment.

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